Welcome to Worldhenge. We are taking the web experience of managing your companies digital assets to a new level. If you are faced with hiring an in-house IT Team, and justifying between $40,000 – $125,000 per year to this department, and you still don’t understand what they do, we are here to take the pain out of this for your business.

At WorldHenge Resource Group we have taken the past 20 years of experience, combined that with additional teams of specialists in all aspects of web development, and combined that with the best web resources on the web and through enterprise buying efforts bring you a solution. 

We will give you a solution tailored to your needs, we can customize those solutions and scale your business with the latest methods, and technologies. Instead of hiring these in-house teams that seem to keep a site up, and make those changes you require, but you are unsatisfied with the cost, the results, and the voodoo that comes with the department, Our plans start at $500.00 per month and can be implemented (with solid state hosting) and with a designated specialist for you business for under $7,000 per month.

The Circle

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